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Here are some tips on how to pick out the best magnetic lash style for your eye shape. If you have:

ALMOND SHAPE​ - are the most common and balanced eye shape. You can really do any style. You can increase depth and intensity of the shape. Define the eyeline by doing a cat eye. To define its actual features, do an open eye.

MONOLID AND HOODED LIDS​ - because the crease takes over the eyeline, you will want to break through the lash line. A soft cat eye shape is the best suited style. Also with enough length to lift the lashes over the lids it will make the eyes look bigger and more defined along the lash line.

ROUND EYES or PROMINENT EYES​ - do not accentuate round eyes or they may end up looking even bigger. A cat eye or soft cat eye shape works best with round eyes, to create a more almond shape .

DEEP SET EYES​ - find ways to brighten or make them look bigger and less shadowed. Best suited is a doll eye shape. You want to bring out the eyes.

CLOSED SET EYES​ - find a lash style that will elongate the eyes and create less density on the inner eyes. A cat eye style with shorter lengths from the inner and gradually longer lengths on the outer will be best suited.

WIDE SET EYES​ - find a soft cat eye style that will intensify the inner corners to give the illusion that the eyes are closer together.

DOWNTURN EYES​ - a soft cat eye or doll eye style will help lift the eyes up. Do Not accentuate the eyes to look droopy with a true cat eye shape.

UPTURN EYES​ - like the almond shape, it is versatile in allowing for any style.