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PhiBrows Microblading FAQs

What is microblading?

It's a two sessions procedure in your eyebrows. The intention is to fill in gaps, give more volume or correct small asymmetries.

With a hand tool, ink and a blade, we plan and develop a UNIQUE, exclusive sequence of strokes that only your eyebrow will have, based off of your face shape and your current natural eyebrows. The procedure is to imitate your natural hair, giving you fuller brows.

What is done in the first microblading session?

Images will be taken, a thorough step by step explanation of the procedure will be discussed, prepping brows, mapping and discussing shape with you. Procedure is then started.

What is done in the second session?

Images will be taken to check on final look. We will check on the healing and touch up on areas needed.

Is it a tattoo?

No, we have 5 layers of skin. Microblading is done on the first, while tattooing is done on through all 5 layers.

Can I choose my shape or color?

We will discuss your expectations and preferences. We will map according to your preference, respecting your natural shape, your features and bone structure. We will match the color to your exact color of your natural eyebrows.

Does it hurt? Do you use numb cream?

The procedure is done on the first layer of skin. We have no nerves in this area. And the numb cream can affect pigment retention. From 0 to 10, my clients report that the pain is 2.

What does the microblading service include?

Includes 2 sessions. The second is made after 30 days.

And a post-procedure balm, to use at aftercare.

Will I see the result right away?

The final result appears after 30 days of skin healing. The final result is after 30 days of the second session.

Do I need an in-person consultation?

It is not necessary. We'll decide everything together and you can look over the contraindications on the website. If there are still information that you are unclear on, please call in to discuss. A scheduled consultation would require a $100 deposit which would go towards the brow appointment. 

What is done in consultations?

Answer questions, talk about your case and make a simulation of how the final result would look with a pencil.

Another artist did my brows, can you work over them?

If you have any eyebrow procedure it is necessary to submit a photo for pre-assessment.

The technique performed is very natural and it has no power of correction or coverage of old procedures.

How often do I come for maintenance? How long does it last?

From 6 to 24 months. Skin type and lifestyle can impact your ink retention and the lifespan of the cosmetic tattoo. Individuals will vary in ink retention, and pigment rejection is possible.

What will it look like in a few years?

It gets lighter until it disappears completely.

Will it change color?

Not in this technique.

How long does the appointment take?

First session may take 2 hours, and the second session may take 1 hour.

Is the material used disposable?